JUST DO IT! …… I’m kidding…. but not really, let me explain

The first and MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to know is whether you are buying buying a toy for self-love or couple play, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, everyone does it even though they don’t talk about it. Even retail giants like Boots are now wanting people to embrace the importance of self pleasure (I can’t tell you how shocked I was the first time I saw their “massage wand” right there in the shelves, not making a secret of what it’s for as it’s placement was next to the condoms. So it’s ok to be shy, that’s why online shopping is a great option here, but do t be ashamed.

Now your over your initial shyness, have a look around, there are plenty of options out there (have a browse at our shop tab) but personally I wouldn’t go straight for “the big boys” per say. For your first toy I would start with a clitoris stimulator like a bullet (if you are a woman), this is a great starter toy as 70% of women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

Boys I’m not leaving you out! Now unfortunately for you the world of male self pleasure aids are not as vast as is females, but hope is not lost as the industry has been trying catch up for the boys in the last few years. The best starter toy for those that are not into the idea of penetration, would be the quite aptly named “Masturbators” the best known of these would be the “Fleshlight”. At the more manual end of the spectrum, these come in the form of eggs (such as the one by Tenga, below), featuring ribs that intertwine and wrap around the sleeve’s interior for more tactile tugs. Invest a little more in a higher-tech offering and features go on to mimic the sensations of sex by vibrating, pulsing and heating up.

Now for the couples, sometimes the hottest part of couple play is your partner using your sex toy on you. So girls, get your partner to use your bullet or vibrator on you (my personal favourite is using the bullet during oral sex) and boys get your partner to play with you WITH your masturbator. However there are also some couple specific toys, the best starter toy for this (for heterosexual couples) would be a vibrating cock ring, this is usually a silicone cock ring with a bullet integrated. We have discussed why the bullet is great for women but it will also cause the ring to buzz at the base of the penis increasing chances of simultaneous orgasm.

I hope this little guide helps you to buy your first sex toy and just remember that as long as your kinks are legal, there is nothing to be ashamed of! Enjoy Yourself!